Learning out loud

A few months ago, Katelyn James shared a post that struck a cord deep within me. As anyone who follows her knows, she is Mrs. Blogger Extraordinaire, reaching thousands of photographers, brides, and creatives everyday. I've been to SO many of her talks and whole heartedly believe in the power of blogging for small business owners. So why haven't I shared much about the art of photography (or videography for that matter)?

I didn't think I was good enough

Welp, there it is. The hard truth. When we first opened the figurative doors to our business, we weren't just worried about what clients would think of us. We were also worried about wether other professionals would take us seriously. Despite learning and wanting to share SO much content about photography and owning a small business, we often hit a barrier before pressing "publish" on an educational post, wondering if we really had the authority to speak. 

That's where this concept of "Learning out loud" comes in. 

To me, sharing education under the blanket of "Learning out loud" means a few things:

  • The admittance that I don't have it all figured out. In fact, I'll never have it all figured out. And if the day comes around that I start acting like I do, please feel free to deflate my bloated ego!
  • I'm a student and a professional all at the same time. Learning is part of being a small business owner and it is a self truth that exists wether we face it or not. 
  • Not caring what others think. No one grants you the authority to speak, you just go for it, come what may. 
  • Being brave and not fearing what you don't know. We grow our knowledge base EVERY day. I frankly don't want to keep that part of our business on silent any longer. 

From here on out I want to take a leap and LEARN OUT LOAD. Look out for more to come and don't be afraid to join me in sharing with inhibition.