A Little Exposure Tip

So today's little tip is not in the form of video. Honestly I need to rethink how to put video together... I am starting to seriously believe it is either just not the medium for me or that because I am rather scattered, video highlights some of my biggest weaknesses and I need to showcase my content differently. Either way, today is not video and I think it is a good break for us all! Ha! Not to say that I won't attempt it again next week... :) Stay tuned! Anyways, I promised some tips and tricks with exposure but really I just have one. It was the most helpful tip I received and could possibly give in regards to exposure. I really don't know where I first learned it or how long it took for it to occur to me, but the way I like to expose an image is for the skin tones, specifically in the face. While many people could argue that there are parts of my images that are over or under exposed, I try and keep detail, color, and consistency in the skin tones.

For example in the images below you will notice that they have varying levels of overall bright or darkness but they maintain detail and color in the skin, specifically the face.




This little "trick" might seem obvious to many of you but it gave me so much comfort. As I started figuring it out, it gave me something consistent to check and I started to noticed that there seemed to be more structure and consistency to my style, something I think it very much needed.

Now, I am not saying this will fit everyone's style. The more important lesson from this trick might be to find an element of your exposure that you would like to keep consistent (for me it was skin tones but for you it could be anything at all) and see how it affects your images. Maybe you love the sky line and want to see every detail in the clouds. Our images will look completely different but as long as we stay true to ourselves, we never need worry! -Feel free to take a moment to roll your eyes at my sappiness, it's probably not going anywhere!