Our First Video on LEARNING YOUR DSLR!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.08.44 AM

Wow, can we talk about how crazy it is to be able to share a video with you?! I am just so excited to get the ball rolling on being able to help people learn their cameras and have more FUN with their photography! Seriously, I probably said FUN like 20 times in this video haha! Now this video is our FIRST, yes first, and with it came a lot of first-time-jitters. In fact, I almost deleted this video after getting so freaked about seeing myself on a recording! I guess hearing your voice on tape gives everyone the hee bee gee bees!! Anyways, I expect to get a better "flow" with these as time rolls on!


Video coverage: Intro, basics of how your DSLR works, why it is important to learn your settings!