Heather and DJ's Pregnancy Announcement

Today, I can't help but think of Key West! We traveled there with our dear friends, Heather and DJ, earlier this year. Not only did we get to sit by a pool in our floppy hats and 75 degree weather but we also got to celebrate in their awesome news - they were pregnant! We, of course, were so excited for them and their first little one and were thrilled when they asked us to take announcement photos with them in the beautiful Florida Keys. The one dilemma we had was how we should do it! Pinterest is filled with announcement ideas but Heather and DJ were looking for something all their own, and I applaud them for wanting to be original! Don't get me wrong, Pinterest is wonderful, but it's so refreshing when we see something that hasn't been done a hundred times before! 

We soon had our answer on our trolly tour through Key West. We had just been brainstorming when our guide started to explain an old tradition of how conch shells were used to be used to announce pregnancies in the Keys! Traditionally, if a couple was expecting they would just put a conch shell on their front porch or hanging on their fence! It was such a strange coincidence that it seemed meant to be! Heather and DJ loved it and soon found the perfect shell! Congrats again you two! Sorry - three!!