My Camera Bag

Until recently I have been carrying around my camera in a little plain black Lowepro bag. I am SO happy to say those days are over! While this little Lowepro bag has served it's purpose over the last couple years, it just wasn't something I was proud to carry on my shoulder. It made me look like one of the thousands of amateur photographers that take them off the shelf at Best Buy when they are buying their first camera. Just not my thing!

Will and I have been working hard to display our creativity, ambition, and style all while carrying around a monument to uninspired, mass-produced camera accessories.

I am sure that I am offending far too many people all at once so let me cut the brakes on my rant and start listing out all the wonderful details that I love about my Songbird Bag by Kelly Moore.

- It's ADORABLE! I cannot tell you how many compliments I have already received on it (and that usually leads me into giving everyone in the room a personal tour through my bag, whether or not they asked for or really want that kind of detailed response!)

- SPACE! Finally I can carry around my laptop, camera body, and at least 2 prime lenses without the loss of comfort. Just call me Marry Popins! ... Wait, please don't do that... Let's just stick with Jess.

- Style style STYLE! It doesn't look like a camera bag! Deal.

- INTEGRATION between my business and personal life. I am more than just a photographer and I love having a bag designed knowing that I might need to carry around more than just a camera and a flash. For example my wallet, phone, planner, or even just a spot to put my lip gloss!

I am so happy and thankful to have received such a wonderful gift. I feel very blessed and am so excited to share this bag with you!!