Jimmy Buffett

There were ten of us sitting down at lunch in Raleigh (ok it wasn't Raleigh but that general area) when someone asked "how is it possible that ten full time working people were able to get a Tuesday off to see Jimmy Buffett?!" It was so funny because until that point I was totally thinking this is normal. You know, a mini Buffett vacation during the work week, right?! Hey, it's five o' clock somewhere (you had to know that was coming)! Luckily Will, DJ, Aaron, and Scott have some combination of tailgating items that were basically made for a Jimmy Buffett concert such as large inflatable jungle animals, beach balls, straw hats, leis, and corn-hole boards. If you have never been to a Jimmy Buffett concert, the perfect items fall in the categories of iconic beach wear mixed with any Corona ad you have ever seen! And yes, I know I'm committing some kind of crime by referring to Corona instead of Land Shark. Ha!

Anyways, we had an AWESOME time and I even got the nice camera out to capture some of our tailgating experience!

Heather and DJ just built a house and I was so excited to take pictures of their family of three in front of their new home! They love having people over and it was definitely a full house with the eight of us from Virginia staying with them! Thank you Heather and DJ!


Are they adorable or what?!


Aaaand off to Buffett!!


Thanks Scott and Dave for blowing up the inflatable items!


Probably my favorite picture of the whole day on the left there :)


I don't think the man handing out fake citations was ready for our reaction!


Heather showed us how to shot-put a volley ball...


I told the gents that if they put their thumb in their pocket then they were instantly GQ models...


Oh and look! Mary Poppins even was there... You never knew she had a straw hat, lei, and sun glasses did you?? It's a common mistake, we won't hold it against you! :)