The Easiest Way to Look Comfortable During Portraits

Even as photographers, we totally understand that getting your pictures taken does NOT feel natural and that's totally ok! There seems to be a little switch in all of us (me included!) that when we see a camera, we totally tense up! Even if someone is just taking an iPhone image, the most common tendency is to stiffen joints and slightly tilt away from the camera. The problem with this is that tilting away from the camera and having stiff joints is often what results in those "bad" pictures of us! I challenge you notice this tendency next time someone takes a picture of you. It's going to make you laugh because you probably never noticed you did this!

The "Knee Pop" is our hidden secret for overcoming both stiff joints and the leaning back! It's just a little bend in the knee closest to the camera and it is something my lady clients know all too well! I'm constantly saying "give me a little pop in that knee!" or "don't forget to put a bend in your knee!" or "knee pop!" "knee pop!" "KNEE POP!" It's rather ridiculous, but we do it for good reason. This little adjustment helps with the overall look of the image AND it also is a natural relaxer. In the same way that smiling relaxes a person, putting a bend in the knee does too because its how I person naturally stands! Feeling relaxed is just as important as looking relaxed in our books! :D

I hope this little secret helps with your next portrait session or even the next time your mom points the camera at you!! ;D

Here are a few from the expert knee poppers!!