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I first met Lacoya with Hello Love Events when we attended the Creative at Heart Conference together. We sat in our PJs on one of the many comfy, upholstered sofas from Paisley and Jade and effortlessly got lost in conversation. It was not even 10 minutes into our evening chat that I was in awe of her courage and amazing talent! Seriously, this girl rocks! After three years of wedding and event planning, she had so much to share. I loved learning from her and wanted to give you a chance to meet her too! I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have! 

How did you get into wedding planning?

Cliché, but it all started while planning my own wedding back in early 2012! Since my husband and I were both from Georgia/Alabama (respectively), but currently lived in D.C., I planned my entire Georgia wedding from start to finish long distance from right here in Virginia. I hired a friend of mine to be my day-of coordinator and 2 days before the wedding while my husband and I were traveling down to Georgia, I received a text from her telling me that she couldn't make it. With that being said, I felt sick to my stomach the entire weekend and ended up being SO stressed because I knew that I would have to do ALL of it by myself. My bridesmaids turned into slaves and I hated that I wasn't able to enjoy that day. Although none of my guests really noticed and at the end of the day, I married the love of my life, so many things went awry and I still feel a bit sad when sharing the story with others. My true love and passion for the wedding planning process, along with me never wanting another bride to feel that way on one of the most important days of her life - spun me into this crazy life that I absolutely love as a wedding planner!

How would you describe your style?

Oh man, that's a really hard one because I actually have an appreciation for lots of different styles. But if I had to choose - not overly done, but very clean, meticulous, and with many meaningful details. I absolutely love navy blue and gold polka dots. I love lots of neutrals and only pops of colors here and there. :)

Why weddings?

There's something about marriage that really strikes a chord with my heart. Probably because the deep meaning of the combination of both romantic and familial love that comes along with it, as well. I also love the one-on-one experience I get with a bride/groom or working with their families that I don't quite get the opportunity to get with regular events or parties. I love a good party, now - but it just doesn't go as deep as taking the first steps into marriage. And to know that I have a hand in creating such a special day really makes my heart beat a tiny bit faster.

What locations do you serve?

The majority of my brides come from the Northern VA areas, as well as DC! However, I am travel-ready and always down for a road trip!

Who is your ideal bride?

I believe my ideal bride is simply a bride who has a vision for what she would like on her wedding day, yet does not know how and/or has absolutely no time to make that vision come to life. She has realistic expectations when it comes to finances and is open to new ideas on how to make her vision happen! She values my services and the services of her other vendors who are coming together to create a day designed specifically for her and her fiancé. She is not self-centered, but also cares about how I'm doing and occasionally asks about my husband and children. No moments are awkward, because she is real and honest and kind. :)

What do your brides love most about you?

They love my bubbly and positive personality, even in the midst of what 'looks' chaotic. They also love that I am willing to share the personal aspects of my life (what my day was like, how my kids are doing, what styled shoots I just finished up with, etc.). They LOVE hearing about that stuff! I love hearing about them, as well - so we end up talking for HOURS beyond the actual planning meeting!

What are your favorite parts of planning a wedding day?

Definitely watching a bride walk down the aisle. There are so many emotions in those few minutes. The bride's expression, the husband's, each side's parents', the guests.....you can seriously just watch and get so caught up in how everyone is simply soooo in that moment. She's going to meet her man. And it's amazing to see that unfold. Oh. and wedding cake. YES! Definitely a favorite of mine.

Coffee or tea?

Honestly? Neither. I used to hate water, but now it's usually all I drink besides the occasional diet coke. I only drink coffee when it's extremely sweet (think frappucino), or when I'm extremely tired and may possibly pass out if I don't get caffeine. I only drink tea when I have a sore throat.

Morning or afternoon?

Definitely afternoon (even better - nighttime) I feel like I'm so productive at night! I like to sleep in and it's one of the things I'm looking forward to when I transition to full-time. Currently, I wake up at 5pm for work. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Sweet or savory?

Sweeeeeet. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I loveeee cake, pies, pastries, cupcakes, ice-cream...Seriously. I don't think I've ever tasted something sweet that I haven't liked. (Maybe flan? But I can't remember...)

Walk or run?

Run. I like to get it over with. I have things to do! Haha - walking makes me feel sooooo lazy and inefficient. I usually do a combo, though. Like 5 mins running/1-2 mins walking. That is, when I ever exercise. Lol usually I walk just to get from point A to point B......if I'm not trying to go anywhere - why do either? (That's a terrible mantra, and I'm trying to change that so don't judge me!)

Spring or Fall?

Ooooooo - that's a hard one. Hmmmmm.....Spring. It's not too hot, and usually has fairly good weather. Fall is hit or miss, ya know?

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