Happy Birthday Will!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today is Will's Birthday and even though there is not a ton of time for us to celebrate today, he at least needs an awesome shout out. I don't know how I survived without his constant love and support and everyday I find a new reason why I'm the luckiest girl in the world! For example, this post was supposed to get out yesterday BUT my Macbook decided that it didn't feel like working soooo my AWESOME-can't-live-with-out-him husband got to fixing it. I totally freaked out (like overboard) and he just calmly said "it's really fine, I got this." I will never understand how he keeps his head on straight, but I am thankful that he keeps mine on too... or at least helps me find it when it gets lost.

Here is the post from yesterday:


“SHELVES. ARE. DONE.” Will said and they were the three little words that Will and I were so happy to hear. We came into our new house loving the large closet storage space in our bedroom but not loving how it was set-up. The shelving was flimsy at best and wasn’t large enough to store much of what we wanted. It was as if whoever built the shelving and other pieces of hardware tried every possible attempt to make the space as difficult to use as possible. For example, there were random dividers that seemed only exist to keep you from being able to get to huge areas of space! Ugh! Luckily I have an awesome handy-man husband who can whip up a new closet in less than a weekend!

While I was in the office, making a mess while trying to organize, Will was tearing old shelves out. Admittedly I was nervous once the space was desert of all structure and was filled with random tools. I thought, "well maybe it wasn't so bad before..." I did not share this thought with Will, who might have pulled his hair (or beard) out! I always get super nervous half way through a project and feel like maybe we should turn back... I would make a terrible surgeon.


Anyways it got done and we love it! There is room for everything! AND we don't have to crawl and twist and who knows what else to get around odd dividers!! If making a new closet structure wasn't enough fun for one weekend, we also bought a new mattress! I'm sure I will put a review of that up sometime... after a long awesome nap because it is the best!!


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