Caitlyn and Brian's Engagement

Caitlyn and I were emailing all day crossing our fingers that the rain would let up. The weather man kept promising it would, but we were seeing BIG rain drops up until two hours before the start of the session! Luckily the clouds stayed but the rain cleared in plenty of time for us to have a dry session! I don't mind the rain in photos, sometimes love it, but logistically it's always easier if the camera stays dry!!

Caitlyn and Brian were so wonderful to work with! They were so laid back as we walked through campus and the Hahn Horticulture Gardens talking about our favorite Virginia Tech memories. We are all Virginia Tech alumni and miss this old place! I had no reason to get extra nostalgic since Will and I live 5 minutes up the road, but as we walked through campus, I couldn't help but think about all my college days up late studying at Deets or up late not studying at all... 

Caitlyn and Brian had their own nostalgic feelings walking through the Hokie stone covered buildings. In fact, the Virginia Tech campus is where they first met, fell in love, and spent their dating years! They lived on the same floor in the leadership housing of the Peddrew-Yates dorm and started walking to their same classes together. Caitlyn found that she needed help in chemistry and Brian was very willing to help, even making Caitlyn a study guide!! They discovered they had chemistry of their own and the rest is history!! 

Here are a few of our favorites! Caitlyn and Brian, we loved being able to capture this little piece of your story and are so glad we got to walk through the Virginia Tech campus with you! I can't wait to ring in the new year with you on your New Years Eve wedding day!!

Caitlyn, you are stunning!!


Caitlyn, I LOVE those curls!! 

I love how the lights stood out...

Brian got some help picking out the ring... BEAUTIFUL!

Lane Stadium, how we love you!

This is one adorable Hokie couple, if I do say so myself!

Gah! There might have been gray skies but we still found that glowy light!