Megan and Christian's Wedding

When I entered the second story of the Braehead Manor in Fredericksburg, VA, I found a sea of pink floral robes and excited chatter!! Seven bridesmaids, two moms, and one bride were all in the midst of wedding day preparation, and it created the kind of joyful buzz that I can't help but love. Everyone immediately welcomed me in and I soon joined in the "buzzing"!!! Luckily I had a ton of help from excited ladies as we set up for detail and getting ready shots in the historic Fredericksburg manor!

Throughout the entire day, Will and I were constantly in awe of how personal Megan and Christian's wedding was!! It was so easy to see how connected both Christian and Megan's families were as they greeted each other like one family. Their moms especially made me smile as they teared up when they saw Megan and later in the evening danced together on the dance floor! We realized very quickly that EVERY guest AND most vendors new the bride and groom very intimately! Their pastor and florist were Megan's aunts, their planner was a close personal friend, and Megan's mother made their wedding cake!! If that didn't warm your heart, you should have seen just about everyone at their ceremony in total TEARS! Gah! SO sweet!!!

As the weather started turning chilly, it reminded me of Will's and my own wedding day when we had blankets laid out at the ceremony and a chilly wind blowing through. Megan and Christian both mentioned happy nerves and I couldn't help but think back to that May day when my own nerves had my hands shaking! It reminded me of how special these moments are and how incredibly special our job is. 

Megan and Christian, thank you for letting us celebrate with you! I hope you are having SO much fun in Punta Cana and are getting time to relax in warm weather!!! Your wedding day could not have been more beautiful or more full of love! We hope you enjoy some of our favorites!

Cheers!! These ladies were so much fun!!


Their reactions to see seeing Megan were precious!

This laugh is so Megan!! :) 

Wow girl, wow...


Ceremony time!!!


They gave her away together...


He had his eyes on her the whole night...

Beautiful laides!


I seriously can't get enough of these colors and flowers!!!


So sweet...


We found a little Fall color!!

Luckily Christian had a jacket for Megan when it got chilly....

Time for the reception!!


They had some good dancers!!



Venue | Braehead Manor

Florist | Martha Ross

Planner/Coordinator | Deb Johnson

DJ/Entertainment | Mark Harman with Harmany DJ

Catering |  McCoys Catering