Kim's Graduation

Will and I arrived in Farmville on Friday night excited to see Kim and start the graduation celebration. When we walked into her apartment, the furniture was mostly gone and all her other items were scattered throughout boxes and bags, ready to leave. It was even making me get a little teary eyed thinking about her leaving this place of almost 4 years! I kept insisting that she was going to burst into tears at any second, but she just laughed and rolled her eyes. I even tried beckoning on some happy tears with my own rendition of the graduation song. No tears actually came, and now that I think of it, no applause either! Great artists are never appreciated in their own time... Anyways, Kim's graduation went insanely well!!! She put on her cap and gown, flipped her hood a-hundred-and-one times trying to decided which way was correct (ignoring the directions that came with it), weighted herself down with all kinds of bright adornments, and excitedly burst out the door ignoring my yells for "More pictures!! More pictures!! KIM WE NEED TO TAKE PICTURES FIRST!!!" Oh well, once mom and grandma arrived, she lost that battle ;)


That intense smile on the left was when she first spotted me jumping up and down screaming her name (embarrass the graduate - CHECK!)...


We had family travel from as far as Maine! Can you pick him out? He is not used to the bright Virginia sun...


I don't know what was more of a tragedy, that it rained a bit or that everyone pretended I wasn't taking their picture... :)




So many of my favorite people...


This is her if-you-make-me-take-one-more-picture-I-will-throw-you-under-a-bus face... It's actually quite lovely...



Nothing like family to make a perfect day...


Her sorority sisters all had a gathering at one of their favorite places in town...


This is the look you get when trying to coordinate 7 lovely ladies on graduation day! Probably one of my favorite for sure!!