Sydney and Z

It's been a VERY long time since I stepped into a stable, so this session was extra special to me. Most people don't know that I grew up caring for horses, owned a horse in high school, and worked in a equestrian stable throughout middle and high school. That smell that people turn their nose up at when they walk into a working barn is something I actually miss A LOT!! 

Z has been with Sydney for almost two decades and is a total sweety! Sydney loves this guy so much and wanted some photos of the two of them. And let's face it, this session is proof that there's nothing like the love between a girl and her horse!! You could easily see that they have that bond. Z practically just followed Sydney around the entire time, only stopping for a few grazing breaks ;)  My favorite part of the session? It was at the very end when I said, "let's finish with a kiss!" and Z walked right up and nuzzled Sydney as if he knew!! It was a perfect demonstration of the bond they share!

I hope you love this one as much as I do!!