Editing with the Tonal Curve

We talk to photographers all the time about editing. In fact, since we started editing for photographers, it's actually our job to do so! One area that I love to talk about is the tonal curve in Lightroom.

I feel like the tonal curve is just one of those magical tools that is rarely ever used. When we talk to photographers about it, I often hear "I have no idea what that even does!" or "No, I avoid that. It looks complicated." Once we explain how we use it and what it does for our images, it's always this instant excitement! I totally get it, because it's one of our personal favorites in our little bag of tricks! 

We're sharing about the tonal curve today but this is just the first of many videos sharing some of our hidden secrets! Since these are very short videos, we may only be sharing them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - make sure to follow along! :D