Meet Kat


Have you ever met someone who bubbled over with excitement?! Who loved every detail of design and planning? I have! Will has known Kat for years and years and mentioned to me that she had started a wedding planning business after helping several friends design their weddings and then putting together the details of her own. The funniest thing was when we attended her gorgeous summer wedding a couple weeks prior, I was absolutely struck by all the amazing little details! I even said to Will, "Does Kat do this for a living? She should totally plan weddings..."  I cannot be the only one that thought that, and in fact, I would be surprised if there was someone who wasn't thinking it!

Along with starting a business, being in her first year of marriage, couching college cheerleaders, working part time, and other superwoman tasks, she has recently added floral design to her many talents! I cannot say how nice it was to chat with a business owner in a similar place as us and one that is such an inspiration with all her many talents!

I asked Kat to answer some quick questions so you can get to know her better! Of course, don't forget to also head over to her Dear Sweetheart Events blog!

How did you get started in wedding and event planning? I was that girl who ALWAYS loved weddings. Playing Wedding Day with my dolls, cutting out magazine clippings, reading & watching love stories… I just loved the whole idea of love, marriage & a girl’s dream day! Fast forward to high-school/college & I realized that along with my love for weddings, came this crazy love for organization, logistics & decorating. A weird combo… yet perfect for wedding planning! I helped a few friends plan their dream days, and went back & forth for YEARS about starting DSE. Then, after planning my own wedding, I knew I needed to make this dream a reality.

What are your secret addictions? Eating icing straight out of the container... SO good.

What is your event planning process like? In other words, what would a bride experience with you as her engagement rolls on? It all depends on the bride & the package she selects! See, I can be as hands-on (or hands-off) as she likes. I know what it’s like to be OCD & planning a wedding… I want to respect the details the bride finds fun to do herself, but also give her my expertise & hands-on services when she needs them. I want her to be able to RELAX and be the bride on her big day, not running around until the last minute! For that reason, I not only specialize in the logistics of planning a wedding, but the décor & design elements, too. (Examples: aesthetically pleasing décor, creating Pinterest-y details, implementing a general theme/vision). I truly LOVE what I do; it’s not “work” for me. I love the late-night texts when a bride has a random question, or the emails full of DIY projects she’s been working on. Regardless of the package a bride chooses, I stay in touch throughout the entire planning process, answer any questions that come up, and I work with her to provide a relaxing, beautiful & dream-worthy wedding day.

What would you say is your overall style? It’s all in the details. Whether it’s an elegant ballroom wedding or an intimate backyard affair, I love focusing on those little touches that make the overall experience unique, playful & timeless.

What is your favorite stress release? Reading in my PJ’s. A movie night with my husband. Or organizing the clutter … don’t laugh! You should try it – a clean space is always a happy place! What has been your most fun adventure so far? Marriage!! After dating for over 6 years, I was unsure how much “change” marriage would bring to our relationship. But it has truly been THE BIGGEST BLESSING ever!! I am so honored to call Matt my husband, and find that even the most average day is an adventure with him!

Coffee or tea? Cold: sweet tea with lemon. Hot: chai tea latte. 



Venu: Cross Keys Vineyards

Floral Design: Dear Sweetheart Events