Ashley and Leon's Engagement

Call me strange, call me down right weird, but I actually love sessions in the rain! We always know that there are going to be days where we are taking pictures rain or shine... ya know, like wedding days! If there is a down pour on a wedding, we can't just pack up and say "maybe tomorrow will look better!" That would be absurd! Instead of getting huffy and puffy about not having sunshine, we take it as an opportunity to get creative and I honestly always love the added challenge!! Plus the photos just have this real life element to them that's hard to beat!

Ashley and Leon both live in Florida and traveled to Alexandria, VA to visit family and finish up wedding planning. When the weatherman called for rain, we knew that rescheduling was not a good option since they live so far away. Luckily Ashley and Leon brushed off any rainy day blues and braved the elements with me for the sweetest downtown Alexandria session! Ashley bounced and giggled and totally lit up Leon. You would have thought it was the sunniest Florida day by looking at the two of them!! 

While giving them some instruction I asked Ashley and Leon to get into a variation of the "prom pose," and immediately Ashley did a half fist pump in the air and said "YES!!" I have to say it was the first time that has ever happened and she had Leon and I in stitches! In fact, Ashley and Leon were so enthusiastic the whole time! There is something so sweet about enthusiastic love and that is the kind of love I see between Leon and Ashley! Passionate, enthusiastic love! 

Here are some of our favorites from our walk in downtown Alexandria!

One of my new all time favorites!!


Ashley you are stunning...

Aren't they the cutest?!

Gah! The wet hair! Love!