Denver to Salt Lake City

I actually gasped as we looked out the window of the plane. Considering we had aisle seats en route to our final destination, we had no control over the window shade. The person next to the window had the shade pulled for the entire trip and only opened it as we made our final descent into the Denver International Airport. 

While the rest of the plane might not have appreciated my abrupt exclamation, it was impossible not to. The landscape had changed SO drastically that it felt like an entirely different world! It was entirely flat and golden for miles, with very few trees. The mountains jutted up to the west and were so large that they dwarfed the ENTIRE city of Denver. 

The rest of the trip was pretty much a repeat of that first gasp. We traveled to Denver, Colorado Springs, and then across the Rockies to Salt Lake City via Rt 70. The mountains changed so much during our journey that it felt like we never really saw the same thing twice. Absolutely incredible! 

A few things we did on our trip:

  • Photographed the Creative at Heart Conference. We were so blessed with the opportunity to be part of the photography team for the Creative at Heart Conference. If you are creative entrepreneur, STOP EVERYTHING and check them out right now! Their last conference in 2016 is MEMPHIS!! I promise that the investment is more than worth it.  
  • Saw Anita's Colorado home. We were so thankful to know family near Denver and it was so great getting to start our adventure with a fire, family, and smores!  
  • Drove to the top of Pikes Peak. Ok, I need to admit that Will made it to the top but I never actually did. My fear of heights combined with driving on the edge of cliffs for 10 miles had me in hysterics about 100 vertical feet from the top. Will let me escape to a little hiking trail somewhere near 14k feet. I'll say that that trail was really nice though! :)
  • Breathed heavily almost everywhere. We shrugged off the warnings about the altitude change BUT WOW. You really can feel it, especially when hiking... or in my case going up a single flight of stairs! 
  • Walked around the Garden of the Gods. This was a top pick for both of us. And I think next time Will is going to join the rock climbers!
  • Camped at the Colorado National Monument. We actually packed all of our camping gear in our suitcases so that we could do this! Crazy, I know. We didn't actually make to the monument until around midnight, but it was so worth setting up camp in the dark to wake up to the sunset on the top of a mountain. This was def my favorite moment of Will and I's trip! 
  • Drove and hiked in Arches National Park. This would have been my favorite park if it had not been for the 106 degree temperature! We packed two gallons of water but there really isn't a good way to beat the heat at that level! Still, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone traveling through Utah! So much can be seen right from the road even. 
  • Saw John and Mikala!! These two live in Salt Lake City and are obviously the reason for our journey. It's so hard being so far away from them BUT luckily we don't have to for very much longer. They are moving much closer VERY soon!! It was so interesting seeing their home and the base they live on. It's so funny how different I pictured it! Somehow I still picture Virginia even though I know they live in the desert! 

Here are a few of our favorites in a mix from the iPhone, GoPro, and DSLR.