The Monday Mess | Our weekend in DC

Hey there! I know we haven't written since last Monday (tisk tisk) but here we are with another Monday Mess! This weekend we traveled up to DC for Mary and Juan's wedding and I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow on the blog! Seriously, you will want to check in tomorrow to see this Spanish-American wedding! I'm already gushing over it :) 

Every time we have traveled to DC in the past, it has made us feel rather small. I guess it's randomly winding streets and sky-high structures have simply put us off balance. This time, however, it really felt more homey, as strange as that might sound. I'm not saying that we are regulars or that we know all the hidden spots, BUT we are starting to feel like a tiny part of that beautiful city! 

We didn't get to hit any tourists spots in the city, other than our favorite coffee shop, but we did get to stop and celebrate Father's Day early with my parents and little sister. Kim (the little sister) knows a wonderful brunch spot in Winchester that's perfect for celebrating special occasions! On our way home to Blacksburg, we stopped and met the family for endless mimosas and a four course brunch. I'm sure I will share more about this favorite spot on the blog this week!

Here are a few favorites from this weekend. If you would like to see sneak peeks of the wedding be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Iphone images... (don't judge!)