Mary and Juan's Engagement

From the first email, I could really tell that Mary and Juan were going to be one of those couples that reminds us why we love this business! Their sweet and joyful demeanor is truly infectious! It was incredible the way Juan could totally light up Mary's eyes! I swear they got lost in the moment so many times. 

Mary and Juan wanted engagement photos that really represented their life together so we picked locations where they spend their happiest days in DC. The Eastern Market was loud and busy in the sweetest of ways and the canal at Georgetown reminded them of their college days and the first time they met. SO sweet! We loved hearing about their favorite places around town, all about the home their first home that they will move into after the wedding, and their new careers! So many firsts this year, it's no wonder that they just couldn't stop smiling!!

Here are a few of our favorites! Enjoy!

One of their favorite spots is the Eastern Market, and I can see why!