Look What Came in the Mail!

For the last couple weeks I have felt like that kid from the Christmas Story, religiously checking the mail for his Orphan Annie decoder pin. Ever since Will purchased the Day Designer for me, I have been dying for it to arrive. The UPS man probably thinks I am insane as I excitedly sign for a package saying "I know what this is!" and then immediately changing my demeanor when discovering it couldn't possibly be what I am waiting for. If he left our house saying "That girl is cray," I would not blame him! I first discovered the Day Designer when reading about it on the Dear Sweetheart Event's page and immediately thought it was perfect for how I wanted to set up an organized and beautiful life. I dug in to find out more about this planner (it's so much more than just a planner!) and really loved how it was specifically designed for women with an entrepreneur's spirit because I'm pretty sure I fall into that category these days! I've always needed a planner to keep my head on straight but have always just grabbed one off the shelf at Walmart or Target and while those served me decently, I really couldn't wait to have something designed to help me grow as an entrepreneur (and a human being!) along with simply putting together my daily schedule.

I am happy to say that it is finally here!!! I have lost two months of using it but I will be excited to use it from here on out! When I get it set up right, I'm sure I will share more but right now I am just so excited to have it!