Rachel and Mike's Wedding

I had been to the wedding venue once before for Rachel's bridal session. As we headed up the road on the wedding day, I must have spent every minute telling Will what a beautiful location we were about to photograph at!! The wedding was to take place at Rachel's parents home in Covington, VA. Not only was this such a special place because it's a home, a family home, but also because it was nestled in the middle of stunning rolling mountains!! Someone could not dream up a more picturesque mountainside view! 

"We were the sisters that we chose for each other." That was a quote from Rachel's maid of honor and dear friend. I had to share it here because 1. I think it's an incredible quote and 2. because it was such a great representation of how well loved Mike and Rachel are by their friends and family! Every person at the wedding cared for Rachel and Mike on such a deep level! In fact, Rachel's make up artist said that she had never seen such an emotional bridal party!! They were all in tears before Rachel had even put on her dress! :D

Rachel and Mike obviously had a lot to celebrate and they knew how to do it!! These two and their closest family and friends had an incredible dance party! I'm talking almost everyone was on the dance floor showing their moves. It was awesome!! :D 

Rachel and Mike, we are unbelievably grateful to have been able to be your wedding photographers!! I hope you enjoy some these favorites as much as we do!!