It's Christmas at the Bulloss's

We finally got our tree up AND it is even decorated!  Last week was filled with us running around doing all kinds of random chores. We would come home every night exhausted but still determined to decorate. Our living room exploded with boxes of lights and ornaments. For a couple days there we didn't have a place to sit! If I had seen an Elf, I would have been sure our living room was now Santa's workshop!

We even brought Autumn to Lowes to help pick out a tree, and she definitely picked the biggest one... Will and I might have helped her in that direction... I think we went a little too big since our Christmas-bow-topper was now looking tiny in comparison to the monster fir tree underneath.WAIT, too big?! What am I saying? We will just need to shop for a bigger topper next year...


She has to put up with so much! Do you love the "really mom?" face...



A close friend out ours, Leslie, gifted us the ornament last Christmas during our engagement. We love it!



We have window between our kitchen and living room and I thought it would be fun to hang some ornaments there as well...



A stocking for Will and I as well as our two roommates, Christian and Eric.