Caribbean Vacation Recap

Will and I are so happy to be home and well rested after a full week cruising around the Caribbean with a huge group of friends. Seriously there we like 30 of us were scattered around the boat and getting down to Florida was like a migration!  A yearly tradition started about 3 years ago when a couple of close friends (Will and I included) decided we needed a vacation! Doesn't everyone!? Anyways, it started as Spring Break the first year, then a New Years celebration the following, and this year it was just a massive group of people needing to relax in the sunshine, and that is just what we did! We sat back, let the sea rock us as we sipped on margaritas, tried to get a nice tan, and enjoyed in the nightlife.

This year we ventured to Cozumel, Belize, and Isla Roatan with our favorite by far being Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan! Maybe it was just because of the perfect weather and the sandy beach, but we could not get enough of this beautiful island. After a full day of beach lounging and wading in the cool, clear water the large group of us found a local bar to wind down in under the shade. Cheers to a wonderful tradition!

Sadly, this might be our last cruising adventure for a while. Will and I adore seeing new places but it is impossible get a good feel for a place when you are only in port for a couple hours of one day. Hopefully our next adventure will be in a new place and one that we actually get to fully explore!

There are SO many wonderful memories, but I will try to limit myself to a small highlight real!

To start here are some of our favorites from Belize...


Love this little palm tree!


We found a whole collection of sail boats!


I must say there are some very uncooperative seal gulls in Belize!


Now to our favorite location of the cruise, Mahogany Bay!


Will is so good about taking time for a picture when I insist on stopping for one...


Occasionally photographers get a picture too! Love it!