Join us on Periscope!

About two months ago, Will told me that something called "Periscope" would be the next big thing and I totally didn't believe him! I honestly didn't understand it... mostly because there is so much social media to keep up with these days that I couldn't handle the idea of keeping up with another App. Welp, I was so wrong!! Over the last few weeks we have seen so many of our friends join Periscope and start sharing videos. And honestly, I have been love, love, LOVING all the behind the scenes action. It's truly such an amazing way to share!

For anyone who is a little lost:

What is Periscope?

Simply put, Periscope is an app that lets you share live video through Twitter. Viewers can either watch the video in real time or view it for a short period of time after the video was shared. 

How can I join?

Step one: Create a Twitter account, if you don't already have one. Step two: Download the Periscope App. It's currently only on iOS, but they are working on one for Android soon! Step three: Start following your favorite people and sharing live video!! ;) 

Where can I find you?

We would love for you to follow along! Find us at @JBulloss ! If you love weddings or other pretty things, you may also love following any of these inspiring ladies! They put out some amazing content!! 

Why Should I Join Periscope?

Even though it's been exciting to see all these videos come out, we actually sat down and took the time to debate whether it would be right for us. We wanted to make sure we were being intentional with where we are sharing and why. Here are a few reasons we decided to join the sensation and think you should too!

Periscope is as real as it gets!

The point of social media is to share and get real with your audience. Whether that audience is your close friends or your clients, it doesn't get much more real than sharing LIVE video!  

Periscope is unique  

Saying Periscope is unique because it shares video would NOT be true. There are TONS of apps and social platforms that can share video. Periscope is unique because it focuses on LIVE video. That distinction is important because it forces the video to be in real time, giving a unique perspective into your life or business as well as the lives of the people you follow. 

Periscope is easy

Once you have it set up, it is easy to follow your favorite people or businesses. Notifications of new videos are automatic so you can easily swipe a notifcation off your home screen (similarly to how you would view a text message) to see what's happening in real time! And creating content is just as easy!