Rachel's Bridals

I've been dying to share this post for such a long time!! A few weeks before Rachel and Mike's wedding day, I ventured up to Covington to take bridal portraits with Rachel!! She is such a stunning bride so the fact that I got to work with her twice in her wedding dress had me beyond excited!! 

We actually had her bridal portraits in the same location as the wedding day! Her family has a stunning piece of property that overlooks beautifully rolling mountains!! We had the first part of her session in doors due to the rain but thanks to her mom and dad, we were able to get outside with those views for a few as well!!

Her dad actually used a leaf blower to help dry the stone walk way! It had me laughing because I'm so used to wedding days were if the dress gets a little wet it's not a huge big deal because it's already the day of! With bridal sessions, however, you definitely don't want to risk getting any part of the dress compromised!! I was so impressed that we managed to get outside and am so thankful to Rachel who was so calm despite the constantly changing weather! She is so sweet and so good at going with the flow!! 

Here are some of our favorites!!