Emily and Matt's Engagement session

This session is extra special for MANY reasons! First off, it was our first time shooting on the Huckleberry Trail in Blacksburg, VA which has been on the bucket list since day one!! Seriously, I don't know how we have lived here this long and not shot on "the trail," especially since we know it so well from marathon training years ago. And secondly, Emily is not only a 2016 Bulloss Bride but she is also a coworker at my "day job." She sits less than 15 feet away from me M-F!! It's been so fun getting to hear all the wedding details as they unfold and getting to actually see one of our brides on a regular basis!! How lucky am I?!

I love hearing about proposals that are true surprises. I don't know why, but I just love a good surprise. Maybe it's because I am so bad at them! Anyways, it just seems like it would be so difficult to make a proposal completely unexpected, but even after 6 years of dating, Matt was able to catch Emily TOTALLY off guard! They were packing the apartment before moving and Matt stopped to play cards. Emily just thought it was a form of procrastination because Matt rarely even played card games! Emily's ring had 7 diamonds in it so Matt worked the 7 of diamonds into a card trick and popped the question right then! Emily said she still had packing tape in hand when she said "YES!" So cute right?!?

Emily and I were equally excited about the Huckleberry Trail, especially considering there are tons of beautiful bridges and a large rock wall all along the trail. We might have had to cover 2+ miles round trip, but it was SO worth it for all the scenic stops! Matt was actually a bit worried about our session because he does NOT like getting his picture taken. In fact, he doesn't like getting his picture taken so much that he and Emily hardly had any pictures of them from the 6 years of dating! Emily has been telling me how excited she was for our session so that she could have pictures of the two of them together, and I'm SO pumped that we got to be a part of capturing such a special time in their lives! Matt even gave us the thumbs up at the end of the session, saying it wasn't so bad after all! :) 

I hope you enjoy some of our favorites! Emily and Matt, you were so fun to work with and we loved taking these pictures! We can't wait for your wedding day! 

Isn't her ring just beautiful! The center stone is her grandmother's!

Gotta love that soft winter sun...


This rock wall is by far one of my favorite "back drops" to date!


Emily you are gorgeous!! 

So cute!

This foot bridge is such a neat spot hidden in the upper mileage of the trail...