Sarah and Joel's Maternity Session

I've known Sarah for several years now. In fact, we work at desks that are less than 50 ft apart! It's been incredible seeing the baby bump and Sarah's excitement grow over the last months. We couldn't be more happy for her and Joel! 

Luckily Sarah and Joel trusted me and my suggestion of location! Considering I led them up hills and un-even terrain, they were very good sports ;D! These two are both from Texas and were excited to get out in the country and take pictures with some rolling hills in the background, and that's just what we found! We had talked about a couple different spots in Blacksburg, but Heritage park NEVER disappoints! 

What you won't see pictured below is the most adorable sign with the little one's name on it!! I've been sworn to secrecy, but all I can say is it's beautiful! Naturally though, you WILL spot their blanket from Baylor University! ;) 

Enjoy some of our favorites!  

Joel said "Come'n darlin'" in true Texan fashion...

Gotta love those rolling Hills!


Ahh Sarah, you are stunning!