Our Own Little Bar

If you didn't know it already, we have a thing for craft beer. By we, I mean Will is a pseudo-expert and I pretend to know the difference between a stout and a lager... I'm sure Will just did a face-palm while reading that. So anyways, when you combine it, "we" have a "thing" for craft beer, right? Well this "thing" that "we" have for craft beer evolved pretty quickly into wanting to be liquor connoisseurs as well. We were cleaning a book case off one day and found theΒ Mr. Boston: Official Bartender's Guide.Β BOOM new passion. We actually had been wanting to get into this for some time, but this little sign definitely helped push us in that direction (not to mention got us out of cleaning off the rest of that shelf!!). If I had a dime for every time I had a new idea while trying to get something else done, I might be rich. Well I am rich in love and that actually counts. My bad, rich in love AND liquor!

We don't have space for a full bar in the traditional sense but we did find a little gem on craigslist. Yes, they do exist if you look hard enough and do your best not to cringe every time you see someone selling their 30 year-old-dust-covered couch. Ekk! Anyways, it was originally sold as a china cabinet but we figured that with some minor adjustments, it would be perfect as a standing bar in our dining area and WE LOVE IT!!! I think we will have to dive into it this weekend.

Β rustic-home-bar_0585rustic-home-bar_0600

We might have a little collection of bottle caps going...


I spent way too much time trying to get those doors straight but my new method is too call it charm and move on... Also, a big thanks to Jessie Marie for supplying some Ole Smokey moonshine!


So Will might have a thing for Dogfish Head...


"Be careful with that one... I have had it longer than I have known you!" - Will


Now time to flip through and find that perfect concoction... Stay tuned for updates...