Colleen, The Beautiful Baby Girl

What is it about a newborn baby that is so mesmerizing? Is it their little hands, the mini hiccups, or possibly the thought that they are just now experiencing the world for the first time? I am not sure, but I do know that Colleen will certainly be capturing everyone's full attention, as if that was even a question!! She just nestled her little head in close to her mom's heart and melted everyone else's in the process! Disclaimer: I am obviously a sucker for babies, but just for the record, Will and I are years and years away from even trying so don't go getting a head of yourselves! Nope. No. Rumor squashed.

Even now that I am more than comfortable behind the shield of a camera, I never knew if I would be brave enough to take pictures of a newborn. As small and adorable as they are, I find them as equally as intimidating! While I like to think I control "the shot" in most circumstances, it is terribly unnerving to think that I have close to zero control of "the shot" in the case of a newborn. I don't mean that everything I have learned goes out the window or that I could not handle a newborn professionally, I just mean that I could ask baby Colleen to turn, look, and smile at the camera until I turned blue in the face and the only thing it would earn me is a first place medal in crazy!

Do you know what we learned (I mean other than that I can be intimidated by an infant)? That it was truly an amazing experience. Capturing that moment with not just the focus on the newborn, but on the love of the whole family was more than I can really say. I got to capture a mother holding her newborn baby girl with all the love in the world and a father gently rock his newborn to sleep after protectively wrapping her up in a bundle of warmth! Truly amazing.

I think I have been long winded enough and should get to showing off this amazing family of three... Well four if you count the pup waiting patiently at home!


Those eyes!


Do you love that smile?!