Kim + Greg's 30 Year Anniversary

We are always taking pictures of couples at the start of their journey, and while we LOVE it, it's such a blessing to get to capture love that has stood the test of time. So, when Kim asked me to take photos of her and her husband for their 30th anniversary, I jumped at the chance!! How incredible is it to know that not only has their love stood against life's highs and lows for the last 30 years, but they have also shared their joy and love with 5 children, who obviously joined us for some family pictures! 

We talked about different options for locations for our session when Kim suggested their family home. I ABSOLUTELY loved the idea!! She was worried that it might not be as picturesque as we are used to, but we reassured her! I have always told our clients that picking a location that means something is so much more important than a scenic view! I'm so glad we did, because their home was absolutely beautiful! I love that we captured their 30 year anniversary in a place where their love and family has grown so strong. This place holds so many memories and I'm glad that our photos will be in a setting that has so much meaning to the Hedrick family.

The Hedrick family was unbelievably fun to work with!! I'm not surprised since we actually already knew two of their sons! Josh is a 2016 groom and Jonathan runs with us at our local rescue squad!! During our session they were all so excited, smiling, laughing, and so appreciative and in awe of their parents' milestone! I feel so blessed that we get to work with them all again at Josh and Effie's wedding!! How lucky are we?!

I hope you enjoy looking through some of our favorites! Kim and Greg, congratulations on an amazing milestone. Your love is an inspiration and we feel so blessed to have been able to capture this special time! 

Love this!!

So sweet!!

Kim, you are beautiful!

The Hedrick family was SO much fun!!

Hey Josh, way to get massive air!! :D !


One of my absolute favorites!

Roasting marshmallows is the best...