Colleen Turns One

There is something so exciting about working with the same family over time. Going back to Heather and Bunny's engagement years ago, we have been photographing big and little milestones as they happen. It's strange, but it gives us this greater sense of purpose in our business when we get to really see how the photographs provide a glimpse into a family's timeline! We never could have imagined that we would be photographing Colleen when we were photographing Bunny and Heather's engagement, and I have no idea what we will get to see in the future! 

Colleen turned one this Saturday and I know everyone says this, but that first year went SO fast! Obviously, Bunny and Heather think so too! We have loved seeing this little one get bigger and learn as she goes. My favorite is hearing stories from Heather of Colleen passing food to her partner in crime, the family dog. Best of all, she scrunches her nose when she makes her chuckly laugh, usually at her "daddy." Also, "daddy" is her first and only word so far! 

Some of our favorites: