The O'Shea's Surprise Family Session

I'll admit that I was a little confused when I got an email from Kinsey (the sweet mama in the photos below) that said she wanted to schedule a family session when her husband was out of town, but luckily she explained! Kinsey wanted to surprise John with photos of her and the boys and the only easy way to do that was to take them when John was out of town. I LOVED the idea! How sweet would it be to have surprise photos of your family on a regular day of the week!? Maybe I'm a little biased, but that just seems like Christmas in March!! :D 

We even picked the perfect 65 degree day (not common for Blacksburg in March!). We rarely shoot family shots so I was happy that everything seemed to be flowing so easily. The boys were even all laughs and smiles. I guess it helped when I hinted that there were some good climbing trees near by! 

Some of our favorites: