Maddie's Senior Photos

It's pretty difficult to write this post. I've got a lot of emotions about this one! Not only is Maddie an incredible athlete and senior at Mountain View High School, but she is also a dear friend! When I was in high school, I practically lived at the Hukka's house (her house!) on the weekends. She was just 7 or 8 at the time and I CANNOT believe she is now about to graduate HIGH SCHOOL!! In fact, she reminded me that my ten year high school reunion is only a year away. And oh gosh! I want to immediately forget that fact! Someone help. 

Considering I went to the same high school with her brothers, it was so fun getting to hear about everything she was involved in. She had the same athletic drive as her brothers and is a varsity athlete in both track and lacrosse!! AND she is interested in having a photography business during college!! Obviously, I was talking her ear off about photo everything from the second I found out! 

As we were walking around it was crazy how easily Maddie fell right into taking photos! Usually it takes people a little time to warm up, but she just jumped right in from the second we started shooting! :) A total natural! We even got in the river for a few, total dream status! 

I hope you love these favorites as much as we do! :D