Lyndsay's Senior Session

We so rarely get to do a senior session, but when we do, I just love them!! So, I was obviously very excited when Lyndsay and her mom reached out to us! Lyndsay also had a lot in common with us because she is an EMT and volunteers at a rescue squad near us!! We probably have crossed paths more than once dropping off patients at the ER - small world! 

The day of the session ended up being PERFECT weather! Considering it had been raining for 5 days straight leading up to it, we were very thankful! And if seeing the sun wasn't enough to get this photographer excited, the first thing Jennifer and Lyndsay did when they arrived for the session was hand me a bag of cookies!! It was obviously an awesome start to a session! Also - Lyndsay and Jennifer, I'm going to need the recipe for those chocolate ones!! They didn't even make it home! 

We had such a fun time walking around the gardens at Lyndsay's grandmother's home. The entire yard was something straight out of Better Homes and Gardens!! Plus Lyndsay about gave me a heart attack when she pulled out her ballet shoes - I could have photographed those ballet moves and beautiful tulle FOREEEEVER!!!

Lyndsay we are so happy for you!! Congratulations on such a big accomplishment!! We know you are going to do amazing things!