The Heins Family

Our most photographed family of all time has grown to four!! We have been so excited to meet Bunny and Heather's newest little girl, Maeve, and we finally got the chance last week at their new Blacksburg home!

The Heins Family used to live just a few walking minutes away from us, and while I hate that we aren't virtual neighbors anymore, I've got to admit that their new home is just perfect! They live on a piece of land in the woods that has small clearings in the backyard for multiple swing sets! When their girls get a bit older they are going to LOVE everything about their woodland playground!!

Little Maeve was sound asleep for most of our session and was so precious to hold, snuggling up to everyone! Heather knocked on wood as she said how easy Maeve had been for them so far, sleeping soundly through the night even at such a young age. Getting to see Colleen and Maeve together and hear all about how Colleen was as a big sister was a gift in itself! 

Here are a few of our favorites from their family session last week!!