Big Sis Announcement

We arrived to TN for the Thanksgiving festivities very ready to see family. So when we first arrived, it took us a minute to discover some incredible news! Addy is my precious cousin's 3 year old daughter. I have no idea what that makes her other than adorable - maybe a cousin once removed? Doesn't matter! She was sitting on the counter loving all the attention as everyone rushed around giving hugs and greetings. We were giving her lots of love but we didn't notice the shirt she was wearing until Brittany pointed it out.

It was a BIG SIS SHIRT!! Each of us looked at it, looked at each other, looked at the shirt again, and then finally connected the dots. That Ah-Ha/light-bulb moment! Addy is going to be a big sister?! That means there is another one on the way!!

You wouldn't think this was a very complicated connection but we defiantly took a good minute to put it together. Sherlock Homes would be very disappointed!

Well anyways, we took some time to make sure we had some awesome announcement photos for their growing family!





My personal favorite!