Best of Weddings 2015

Wow, it's hard to write this post because it means that our 2015 wedding season is finished. It's so bitter sweet to remember all the amazing wedding moments of 2015 while also recognize that it is officially over!! This year's weddings brought us from Washington, D.C. to Raleigh, N.C. and everywhere in between. 

While I could spend plenty of time looking back on us and how our skills have changed, I'ld prefer to spend this time loving on the people who have made every second of 2015 incredible:

Dear 2015 bride and groom,

You are our biggest supporters, our die-hard fans. You are the ones who sent us excited emails with dozens of exclamation marks!!! You hired us like a business and treated us like your family. You introduced us to new places. You shouted our praises. You are the reason we cried so many happy tears. You are the reason why we love every second of being wedding photographers. THANK YOU for being indescribably amazing!! We cannot express how honored we are to have been able to capture your wedding journey and cannot wait to see all the amazing years ahead of you!

SO much love,

Jess and Will