Beard Jokes, in case you needed a laugh today


When Leslie asked us out to dinner at Sharkey's about a week a go, Will and I were more than happy to tag along with her and her little 12-year-old sister, Morgan. Now, we have met Morgan only 101 times before but I guess she hadn't seen Will since he started growing his beard because when she saw Will she couldn't help but stare with big wide eyes and rub her own chin while looking at his. The first thing she said was "Why does Will have a squirrel on his face?!?" We all erupted in laughter and Leslie swears that she did not prompt Morgan with the question! In honor of Will and his man-beard, here are some of our favorite beard jokes:

Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.24.55

Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.36.57

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