Audiobooks for the Small Business Owner

I have never had a passion for reading. Maybe it is because I can rarely sit in one spot for too long or maybe it's because I want to be on the ready for any future Harry Potter book. Whatever the reason, I've never been able to sit and turn pages with the same concentration or comprehension as others. Luckily I found Audible and have been working through audiobooks with ease ever since. Lately this love of audiobooks has been focused on readings related to business and personal growth, and of course I wanted to share. Here are three books from this month that are full of strong messages. You will probably find that none of these books will help you start a small business, but instead are great reads for anyone looking to inspire others.

audiobooks-small-business-owner-0896 copy
audiobooks-small-business-owner-0896 copy

1. Talk Like Ted. Who else loves Ted Talks? I'm a pretty big fan. The speakers always leave me crazy enthusiastic for a cause that I many not have known existed 20 minutes earlier. It just makes me think, how is that even possible?? Well, this book outlines several ways the greatest speakers in the world motivate and engage either audiences. Not a bad listen.

2. The 4-Hour Work Week.When I first considered reading this book, I was skeptical. Do people really need an excuse to work less?? Well, the answer given in this book was yes, and I soon agreed. It focuses on the difference between living a fulfilled life and a busy life filled with meaningless work. It encourages a person to automate the busy work so that we can focus on enjoying and participating in whatever they truly care about. I don't agree with every line in the book, but I like the message, and believe it is unbelievably important in a culture that worships the 9-5, Monday-Friday.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People. Warning: this book was published in 1936 and it is a reflection of its times. If you are able to dodge the chauvinistic comments and ignore a couple potentially offensive scenarios, there is great material to be found. This book outlines methods for better communication, specifically in conflict or difficult situations. I just love the focus on being heard and being persuasive in a way that fosters positive relations & personal growth.

I hope you enjoy! Have any favorites that you would like to share?! I would love to hear!