Elizabeth + Christian | An Asheville, NC Engagement

Let me just start by saying this post was so hard to write! Considering Christian is Will's little brother, lived with us for two years in college, and has been dating B for 2 years, we obviously know them very well to say the least!! Oddly, that makes it so hard to find the right words to say how special this session was to us!! Gah - let me try and do my best!

These two started as best friends volunteering at the rescue squad. Everyone (no really, EVERYONE) knew that these two would end up together. They chatted far into the night, joked constantly, helped each other through the good and the bad. I don't know when it finally hit them, but luckily they figured it out!! Ever since, we have been sharing late nights with them at our house talking about everything under the sun. The one thing that I always think during these times is how they have this special love rooted in friendship. It is so heart warming!

They say it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, but I think that stands for the engagement sessions too! We all walked the grounds of the Biltmore Estate finding refuge from the light rain under beautiful trees and in the lush green houses. Rain or not, that place is awing and took our breath away!

Enjoy some of our favorite images!

But that ring though... ;)

Too cute...

If there are succulents, I will find them...

A casual walk through a grass field... LOVE!

Adventurers for sure...