Our Trip to Asheville, NC | The Monday Mess

This Monday, I have quite a mess of things for you!! ;) Will and I are entering the summer season meaning we have a number of reasons to be out of town including engagements, weddings, family visits, and fun vacations! We often get asked how we are constantly going-going-going, but honestly we LOVE traveling. Maybe we don't love the long car rides, but we do love visiting new places. So, when Christian and B wanted to show us around Asheville, we were so excited!! 

It happens to be a favorite of Christian and B's, and they are always raving about Asheville's cool vibe and incredible food scene! I will say that it totally lived up to the hype. It was such a strange culture with it's mix of artists, students, and families all crammed in the streets at night enjoying the warm weather and street music. We even passed a drum circle! I clapped along and Will rolled his eyes... I guess we have different tastes in street music ;) 

It seems like the trip went by SO fast but we did SO much! I really don't know how we crammed it all into 2.5 days! I was considering reviewing all the amazing things we did, but honestly it was all a 5 out of 5!

Things we did:

  • Toured the new Sierra Nevada Brewery! This thing was off the charts! So far Will and I have only toured medium sized breweries in cramped industrial buildings so this was a totally different experience. Don't get me wrong, I love the homeyness of the smaller locations but it was fascinating to see how this nation-wide chain does it's stuff. See some photos below!
  • Spent a day at the Biltmore Estate. This place looks big in pictures but standing in this massive castle built by the Vanderbuilts in the 1800's is awwing. I was surprised at the ticket price before we visited but that got cleared up fast. Not only must the house need round the clock maintenance but the grounds were covered in structured gardens, clear grass fields, and decorated walking paths. Stunning! We have some pictures of the grounds but none inside - strictly forbidden! 
  • Ate at some AH-mazing restaurants!! I won't list them all here for fear of judgment (we ate A LOT) but I will say that our favorites were "The Southern" for dinner, "The Chocolate Lounge" for desert, and "Sovereign Remedies" for cocktails. I feel full just talking about these! 

Here are some of our favorites from the brewery and Biltmore visits! We will be sharing Christian and B's engagement tomorrow!! There might even be a sneak peek later this afternoon!! ;)

I didn't believe it was all real copper... welp, I was wrong!

Now on to the Biltmore Estate! It's a different kind of impressive...

I have no excuse for this being the only photo from Downtown Asheville... but at least we have one!