A Cozy Fall Day

Burrrrrrr! The temperature has been dropping like a rock, but we fear not! Luckily we are blessed with a wood burning fire place to cozy up to when the weather turns nasty. Will and his mountain-man-beard have been chopping and storing firewood all week in preparation for this ice storm and the snow coming tomorrow.Β The neighbors must have thought they had moved to the mountains when they saw Will out there in cold with his grizzly beard, swinging his ax!

I should give Autumn some credit too. She "helped" by waiting for Will to split a large chunk of wood, diligently running up after, grabbing a log, and running away with it to the other side of the yard. I think she had her own decently sized pile going herself!

Do you love the sign Heather made for us after our own wedding?? We do!




Autumn always insists on being part of every activity...



Now time to sit back, eat our pancakes, and enjoy this cozy fire...