17hats | Making the most out of the Dashboard

We are entering week 5 of 7 in our mini series on setting up 17hats! This tool has changed our business and our lives in the most remarkable way, allowing us to automate our process and get hours of precious time back into our lives! If you would like to find out more about why we use 17hats, please check out our original post 17 reasons to use 17hats.

The first 4 weeks:

This week we are talking about how we utilize the 17hats dashboards to streamline our workflow!


    Most of the benefits we've talked about with using an online management tool (like 17hats) has been around automation and efficiency. What I haven't touched on, but what is a huge part of why we use a tool like this, is the organizational component. 

    Sorting through emails, searching for old contracts, and keeping track of where you are with each client may feel like small tasks, but they end up eating away so much precious time and worst of all, add stress! Think about how much time you spend each week organizing or looking for emails alone. It is valuable time and energy that is nothing but wasted. When I learned that each of my clients have their own dashboard with emails automatically filtered, my workflow showing all my "next steps," all their valuable documents in one place, I pretty much cried tears of joy... Yes, I know this sounds dramatic, but anything that gives me time away from Gmail and my filing cabinet 


    This is the easiest "How" yet! As long as you have everything set up from what we covered in weeks 1-4, the only thing you need to do is select the dashboard that you are looking for!

    We use three of the possible dashboards or overviews:

    1. The main overview. This is where we see an overview of the most pertinent information including an overview of upcoming deadlines and highest priority business tasks including new leads, our Gmail inbox, and the upcoming "to-dos." 

    2. The contacts overview. This is what shows up when we select a specific contact. It shows an overview of tasks, workflows, important documents, emails, expenses, income, and other pertinent information related to that specific client. I love how everything is organized automatically!

    3. The workflows overview. If you have workflows set up (check out week 4 if you are looking for tips and tricks on how to do this) you can also head over the workflows tab to see an overview of all upcoming tasks and recent activity across all projects. 


    THE TIPS and Tricks

    Have a routine for using the dashboards. There is a lot of information available and it's always good to have a strategy for tackling everything that needs to get done. We always start with new leads in the "Overview,"  followed by checking the "Due in the next 15 days" under "Workflows," and then move onto unread emails in our active client dashboards.

    Respond to emails in the clients dashboard. When responding to inquiries, I often want to reference their documents or past emails. The easiest way to do this is to reply within the client dashboard so I have easy access to reference everything related to that client. 

    I hope this helps you with dashboards in 17hats or in other online management tools. Next week we will be talking about how we use the book keeping features. Yet another game changer for us in 17hats!